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Get the most sublime transparent aligners in NYC

How many times have you dreamed of having that signature Hollywood smile, without crooked teeth and misaligned bites? Well, you are not alone in it. Everyone strives to feel confident, smiling in family photos. However, the idea of wearing discomforting, teen-be-like braces makes you postpone your visit to the orthodontist every time you think of it. But what if we tell you that there is a delicate alternative way of straightening your teeth? Here at 65 Broadway Dental, we use the innovative approach to correct misaligned teeth with the help of invisible teeth aligners. It is a cutting-edge technology that helps to shift teeth in a gentle way. If you want to get rid of your dental problems once and for all, our professional dentists are always ready to go the extra mile to improve your teeth appearance.

65 Broadway Dental – the best practice of clear aligners in NYC

65 Broadway Dental is a state-of-the-art medical facility, providing high-end clear aligners on Wall Street. All our branches are well-equipped with the latest medical technologies, allowing us to serve any of your dental needs. Using edgy high-definition intraoral cameras, our dentists can examine your teeth and consult with you on the most appropriate treatment options. We use the latest innovations in dentistry so that you can relax while being taken care of at 65 Broadway Dental clinic. Our orthodontists are highly qualified dental specialists who have a range of scientific degrees and years of professional practice. They are skilled enough to fix teeth issues of any complexity and strive to perform a customized approach towards every patient to make them feel at home every time they are visiting our clinic. So, if you’re surfing the net for the query “clear aligners near me,” do not hesitate to choose 65 Broadway Dental. We pride ourselves on providing the best clear aligners in Manhattan. For many years, we have manufactured aligners that are easy-to-clean, removable, and virtually invisible. Our transparent brackets have already made a sensation on the market, providing progressive teeth shift while using very little force. We design our clear aligners to straighten your teeth and sculpture a perfect dental bite. Besides being comfortable and cost-effective, this technology is also easy-to-use, and more efficient than other ways of teeth straightening. The patients who use transparent aligners usually wear them throughout a day. However, it should be mentioned that you can freely remove your clear braces for eating, drinking, brushing your teeth, or for some special occasions. Here at 65 Broadway Dental clinic, we believe that a beautiful smile should be available to everyone. That is why we provide our clear teeth aligners at a cost you will be pleased with. So if you want to improve the appearance of your pearly whites without draining your budget, 65 Broadway Dental is your one-stop clinic.

The best dental clinic in New York at your service

If you are wondering whether our teeth aligners will suit you, give us a call at 212-430-3888 and get a consultation from our dedicated professionals. If you are ready to make an appointment, use an online form on our website or send us an email at To meet the needs of all our clients, we maintain a variety of payments methods and dental insurance plans, including Aetna, Metropolitan, Guardian, Principal, and Cigna. Want to get your customized clear aligners in Financial District? Then do not hesitate to visit our clinic that is conveniently located at 65 Broadway, Suite 408, New York, NY 10006